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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers your business in the event of a loss or damage to the property you use. Such perils include fire, explosion, windstorm, theft, vandalism and more. This insurance not only covers a building or structure, but also business personal property. This can include machinery, inventory, furniture, electronic data, fences and much more.

At Goetsch-Bucholtz, we want to make sure that your commercial insurance policy has you fully covered in the event of a damage or loss to your commercial property. We also want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your coverages. Every business has specific needs, and we’re here to ensure that all of those needs are met. We can work with you to create a custom insurance program that is both high quality and low cost.

General Liability Insurance

If you are a business or property owner, having the right amount of general liability insurance is a must. All too often, an unforeseeable incident occurs on commercial property, and a business doesn’t have enough general liability insurance to combat a devastating lawsuit. Be prepared for the unthinkable by getting the proper coverage from Goetsch-Bucholtz. Our agents will make sure that you have the general liability protection that fits your specific business needs, all at an affordable price.

Business Owners Insurance Policy

At Goetsch-Bucholtz, we are dedicated to keeping your small to midsize businesses protected. That’s why we can provide you with a packaged coverage policy. This is an all in-one package gives you comprehensive and customizable coverage that helps you save money.

Our Business Owners Policy (BOP) has several coverage options including property insurance, liability, business interruption, crime, coverage for inventory loss, Cyber Liability/Data Breach and more. Every business has specialized needs, and our representatives can help you configure the perfect Business Owners Policy. This packaged policy is a great opportunity for small to medium-sized businesses.

Business Auto Insurance

No matter what the size or industry of your business, we can provide you with top notch commercial auto insurance at an affordable cost. Whether your business owns two or two hundred vehicles, we can get you specialized coverage. We can help you insure a wide range of vehicles including vans, semi-tractor trailers, pickup trucks, private passenger cars, garbage trucks, tow trucks, delivery trucks, flatbed trucks, and much more.

At Goetsch-Bucholtz, we can make sure that your commercial auto insurance covers all of your specific needs. These coverages can include hired and non-owned coverage, comprehensive coverage, bodily injury and property damage liability, medical payments and more.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Regardless of your industry, accidents can happen on the job. Whether you’re in an industry with more physical work such as construction, or in an office setting, you should be adequately prepared for the worst. With workers’ compensation insurance, you are able to pay for medical care and replace a portion of lost income for an employee who is injured while in the workplace. This is a requirement of an employer (for a business with three or more employees) by law, regardless of who was at fault for the injury.

Rates for workers’ comp vary depending on how risky the job is. At Goetsch-Bucholtz, we can ensure that you are paying the lowest possible rate.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Looking for an extra layer of liability protection? If you fear that your general liability, workers compensation, and/or business auto may not be enough in the event of an accident, commercial umbrella insurance may just be what you’re looking for. Commercial umbrella insurance is relatively inexpensive, and truly shows its value in the event that you need it.

Goetsch-Bucholtz, knows exactly what policies you can pair with commercial umbrella insurance, and will make sure that your business’ individual needs are met.

Bond Insurance

Surety Bonds come in a wide variety of specialties, and we at Goetsch-Bucholtz make getting bonded as simple as possible. We offer the most common Wisconsin bonds, including:

  • Notary Bond
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
  • Tax Bonds
  • Alcohol Beverage Tax Bond
  • Alcohol Tax Bond
  • Business Service Bonds
  • Bid Bonds
  • Contract Bonds
  • Contractor Bonds
  • Court Bonds
  • Employee Theft Bond

Cyber Liability – Data Breach

Cyber liability protects customers for third-party damages, cost of defense, settlement, and judgements. It is triggered by a network security liability claim alleging that negligence of the customer allowed:

  • An unintended propagation of malware.
  • A denial of service attack in which the insured unintentionally participated.

Additionally, Cyber Liability provides first-party coverage for the customer for costs they incur, including:

  • Data restoration
  • System restoration.

Data Breach coverage pays for response expenses and defense and liability costs.

Professional Liability

Professional liability, also known as E & O (errors and omissions) insurance, is offered to protect professionals and their business in the case that they are being sued for negligence while performing a business service. This insurance provides coverage for costs associated with a lawsuit filed against you, even if the legal claim made ends up being groundless.

Some professions more so than others should consider purchasing professional liability. These include real estate agents, personal trainers, accountants, doctors (mandatory), mental health counselors, engineers and more. Let a Goetsch-Bucholtz, agent help you determine if you need personal liability insurance, and find the best policy for you.


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